Saturday, 12 May 2012

"Distress Markers"

So very excited ..... as you can see I have the Tim Holtz Distress markers...yay...
I have wanted these for ages but they seem to be hard to get in Australia.
I thought I would have a quick look on ebay to see what the prices were like and there they were, seems the lady who was selling them didn't like them as much as she must have thought and only used a couple of them so decided to sell so I got a near new hardly used set for about $70 so as you can tell I am very happy and they arrived just in time for Mothers Day also.
I see Tim Holtz is coming to Australia next months and as soon as I saw was on the phone to DH who is currently overseas to see if he would be available to baby sit but sure enough the Army needs him more than I do so I will miss out on seeing Tim Holtz this time worries just have to keep watching him on You Tube


  1. You lucky girl! Great stuff!
    Thanks so much for nice comments about my HEATR MY HORSE LO! So sweet of you!

  2. Awesome! I just had a customer enquire about those products (and other Tim Holtz stuff) today! Good to know they are a sought-after product and I didn't realise they are hard to find in Oz ... I found some and now I'm really keen to stock them after seeing your post! I'm also ordering some Dusty Attic products into stock after seeing your work here :) -Bec

  3. OMG Just saw your link to my store at the bottom of the page - that was really lovely of you, thanks! You're gonna have some bonus products when I send your package :) -Bec xx

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