Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dudley Mason

Recently when I was doing some family tree research I was put in touch with 1 of my Dads Uncles. 
Dudley turned out to be a lovely old man who although was not able to help me out a lot with my research but was able to put me onto another family member that could.
After 10 years of research I was able to finally lay to rest (so to speak) a big mystery on one of our family members.
Dudley sent me a couple of photos and a book for me to look at. One of the photos was of him in his Army uniform for service in WW2. So as a tribute to him, decided to do a lyout with that photo.

Not sure about all the papers I have used for this layout. I know that the bottom page is a Karen Foster"old book cover"
I have also used a Dusty Attic chippie which I altered and some other findings that I had in my stash.

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