Sunday, 19 August 2012


We have a beautiful little art shop here in Tully and the lady who runs it (Mrs Anne Kent) is the most amazing artist who also teaches art classes.
Tully is know for its Cassowaries so Anne makes them in all sizes and sells them in her shop,she also teaches how to make them so Justin and I spent the last 2 Friday mornings down in the art shop getting messy but omg having lots of fun and just love my little Cassowary


  1. This is great! A good idea for me to pass on to my kids' day carer :) She always loves these projects. Was it just paper mache over a wire frame, something like that?

  2. use alfoil first to get the shape over the top of the wire. Also used cooton wool balls soaked in paverpol to get shape as well. than wrap in paper tape.I used coconut husk for the feather but Anne uses lots of differnt things to make texture. Then its coated in a paverpol which goes really over night. After its dry you just paint it.