Monday, 20 May 2013

" Kaisercraft Craft Caddy"

This is a project that I had planned to do mid last year but just never got around to it.
Finally decided that I should get around to it and thought that my Tim Holtx papers would work best on this
This is a pretty easy Kasier product to put together. Thankfully there was no painting, I just covered all the pieces in paper.
I used lots of different bits and pieces to decorate. I also used distress ink around the edges.
This sits on my small craft table in my craft area and holds all my bits and pieces that I access regulary like my tape, scissors etc.
In the top section I have a few of the small glass jars from Ikea with flowers and bits and pieces. In the drawersI have a few items that were pack in boxes but now they are in easy reach and I am finding that I am using them more often like my irock.


  1. Gorgeous! Love this.

    I don't have this caddy, I've done up one of the drawer units though... and I too used distress ink on the edges, works such a treat!!

    Love your Finn class works as well, delish!

  2. Oh Wow what an awesome project! Looks amazing!! Sure you had a great time filling those!!!

  3. I really love how you created this creative unit .... the papers, looks fabulous!

  4. I like your this beautiful photo and great activity.