Friday, 20 April 2012


I have been noticing lately the discissions  on a few of the Defence Wives FB pages and other blogs. One of the discussions was  "What is the hardest thing about being a Defence spouse"....people say the absence of their partner especially when they are deployed is the hardest but just lately I think that for me one of the hardest things is being away from family.
 Look don't get me wrong, I can cope without my Mum and Dad, I am nearly 40 years old and have been living away from home for a long long time but its the time when you get that phone call to say that a close family member is ill.
I have had that phone call before but this time it is my family and not my husbands, its that feeling of hopelessness....what can I do to help, I am so far away, what is my plan if things get worse.

I remember when we got the phone call about hubbys father. We knew he was sick, I don't think he even knew things were as bad as they were. I was due to have my 5th baby, we were in Victoria and he was in QLD.....Hubby was torn, does he leave me, whom was just about to drop or does he go and see his Dad. As it turned out, I took control, which is not usually me, my husband is my rock and I need him to make decisions, but I went to the hospital and organised to have bub induced the following day and hubby was able to be with me for the  birth and then leave to be with his dying father.

My Dad has always had a heart condition, he had rheumatic fever as a child and heart conditions runs in his family. He has always looked after himself because he know if he doesn't it wont be a good outcome. But the old ticker has been working hard for nearly 71 years now and its had enough.......and now we wait and I wait for another phone call to see what they are going to do, how soon they do surgery and pray that any phone calls I do get good news not bad.

Until then I hope my Dad takes it easy.......try telling a farmer to take it easy......and I will pray because there is not really much else I can do when I am so far from..... home.

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  1. I absolutely understand how hard it is when you are far away and really can't do anything. Hope the news with your father is positive.