Tuesday, 14 February 2012

the very first one

Well here it is ....my very first blog.
To answer your first question, Why 'The Rusty Horseshoe".
When DH looked into setting this up for me, the first question he asked was, "what do you want to call it"...so that was it for the night. I went to bed pondering what to call it. I had thought of something crafty so sent a quick text thru to my lovely friend Kez to see if she had any suggestions. She sent thru a couple good ones but I was starting to lean toward something different again.
I have always had an obsession with old horse shoes (I guess something to do with my love of horses) I picked them up as a kid, they were the main focus of decoration at our wedding and have also been a big part of decoration in my house although most of it has been packed away since we got married and we have moved nearly every 2 years.
Last October the boys and I went to vist one of my old friends and neighbour from my Jillaroo days, and Matthew....(who seems to inherited my obsession with collecting old horseshoes) found this horseshoe and sat it up on a fencepost. I saw a perfect photo opportunity as I had not long finished a photography course and wanted to practice what I had learnt. The photo turned out pretty good if I do say so myself and is now the focus point of my blog page and hence its now my blog page name.
Anyway....the main point of my blog is to show off my craft and maybe brag about my kids from time to time...next thing I have to do is work out how to upload my photos...

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